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About me...
I started acting by participating in short films and independent plays in my city of Monterrey. Over the years, the jobs and my passion for acting led me to pursue a career in the performing arts and cinema.
I moved to Mexico City in 2018 to continue my career. I had a chance so I took it. Since then I have constantly prepared myself as an actor allowing me to work both locally and internationally. I have worked in five states of Mexico doing theater, television and cinema in short and long format. I participated in an independent film in Dallas and recently attended a workshop at RADA in London and various seminars with Fernando Piernas and Bernardo de la Rosa in Mexico. 
I love meeting people in the process of making movies and creating fictions on stage that present the moments of our time.
Next, I invite you to peruse the website and get in touch to work together.
Andres Estrada on the set of a short film.

Short Film, La historia jamás contada by Aldo Muñoz

Andres Estrada shooting a film in Mexico.

Short Film, Al Fin el Fin by Patricio Barrera Bapp

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Andrea Klein and Andres Estrada shooting a Short Film in Monterrey.

Short Film, El espacio entre nosotros by Carolina Basurto

Cesar Bolaños and Andrés Estrada on the set of a film.

short film, Infiltrados by César Gabriel Bolaños

Andres Estrada during a shooting of a film in Mexico.

Short Film, Infiltrados by César Gabriel Bolaños

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Short Film by Juan Pablo Garcés

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